About Us

Founded in 1993, the Department of Sociology aims to provide its students with a critical awareness of sociology as a discipline that deals with the structure of society formed by humans and human relations and the principles concerning every kind of change within society. Graduates will be able to confront the diverse theoretical perspectives within this field and analyze the problems with a contemporary and scientific approach. Sociologists can pursue academic careers in universities or work as experts, project supervisors, and researchers in public organizations such as the State Planning Organization, the Family Research Institute, the State Institute of Statistics, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Interior Affairs, and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. The private sector also holds employment opportunities.
Department currently has 1 professor, 4 associate professors, 4 assistant professors, and  2 research assistants.
Our department offers education at undergraduate level since 1994, Master’s Degree since 1999, and PhD since 2008.
Master’s and PhD Opportunity
In the graduate programs, our aim is to provide students theoretical and methodological foundations that are required for academic studies. It is also aimed to raise qualified researchers for research fields outside the academia and for the private sector.
Career Fields for Graduates
A sociology graduate has a wide spectrum of job opportunities both in public and private sectors. Sociology graduates, firstly, can work as philosophy group teachers in secondary education institutions and private training centers. Sociology graduates can be employed at various governmental institutions, municipalities, banks, advertisement and marketing companies, holding companies, non-governmental organizations, media, and public relations departments of companies. After having gained the necessary and sufficient qualities for research, sociology graduates can also work in research projects in social research companies as well as conducting independent researches.
Prof. Dr. Muammer TUNA (Head of Department)
Assoc. Prof. Şinasi ÖZTÜRK        
Assoc. Prof. Vefa Saygın ÖĞÜTLE    
Assoc. Prof. Hasan ŞEN
Assoc. Prof. Zafer DURDU  
Assist. Prof. Gökçen ERTUĞRUL    
Assist. Prof. Savaş ÇAĞLAYAN    
Assist. Prof. Ünal BOZYER   
Assist. Prof. Sergender SEZER 
Research Assistants: